Sodalite Tree

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Sodalite takes its name from the Ancient Greek meaning salt stone. It’s like holding a piece of the stormy sea directly in your hand. It’s a stone that reminds you to tap into those powerful instincts and to strike a balance between the head and the heart so you can always live in alignment with your truest self. Celebrated as one of the most powerful crystals for rinsing the body of toxic vibes most associated with fear and guilt, Sodalite pushes you higher to claim that confidence clarity and emotional intelligence that is needed for enhancing self-trust.

This is a stone that wants you to not just survive – but to fully thrive to the best of your being. Boosts communication, enhances self esteem and invites you to stop being afraid to use your voice.

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Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $125.00.

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