Amazonite Set

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This very special Amazonite pendant and bracelet set is simply stunning. Amazonite is a stone of truth and courage that invites us to live in full alignment. A heart chakra stone that unravels all our layers until we get to the root of self-love, Amazonite empowers us in the art of not letting life drag us down. Overcome shades of trauma as it heals the heart chakra and encourages you to let go of that which no longer serves you. This stone awakens both the heart and the throat chakras, ensuring that our desires and dreams and our own sense of truth can rise and be released out into the world. Letting the light of truth guide us keeps us appreciating our nature and maintaining our sense of strength. This beautiful blue-green stone also dispels negative energy and aggravation, folding peace and harmony forever into our lives.

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Original price was: $422.00.Current price is: $333.00.

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