Eternally Grateful!
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I am extremely humbled, honored and filled with delight, to have received my Tree of Life Intuitively Designed Heirloom Pendant by Rachel Elizabeth! I can feel the energetic power, the healing, the love, and the Divine Support of this piece. These are more than beautiful pendants. They are pieces of art and tools for the soul, meant to support this moment’s path and to be passed down for the paths of generations to come…they hold the Life Force Energy of past, present, and future. From the crystal, all the way through the weaving of the tree, every element speaks and supports my journey. As it lays on my heart chakra and the portal of the Infinite More, created on the back of the pendant, it activates me with Love and Light, I give thanks! I am thankful for the Divine Guidance in being led to such an amazingly talented artisan. Thankful for the blessings of her intuitive gifts and for the love, and energy that Rachel infuses into each and every piece created. And thankful for her openness, vibrant Light, and Life Force Energy of the work that she shares with the world. Eternally grateful
Judi Schmidt
I Felt An Instant Connection
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When my gorgeous Amazonite Necklace arrived I felt an instant connection. It picked me, not me choosing it. Rachel Elizabeth’s craftsmanship is exquisite.
Barbara Worsley
Will Be Buying More
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I got a beautiful amethyst necklace from Rachel after seeing her post about selling some already made items The amethyst was definitely meant to be mine, when she was in my mailbox I got a message telling me to go get her. I immediately knew it held a very powerful female energy Once she was around my neck the message I got that this energy was Gwendoline( merlin's wife) Merlin has been my spiritual teacher as an ascended master for many years. I had received several messages from Gwendoline, so it's really cool that it's her energy and my amethyst has a name. Beautiful work and I received it in a few days and of course just love it .I suspect I will be buying more items from Rachael
Shelly Kiser Maguire
Uniquely Magical!
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Rachel’s intuitively designed pendants are beautifully encoded with synergistic properties from the Tree of Life! The combination of the stones properties with the Tree of Life creates a powerful pendant for all who wear Rachel’s creations. Rachel’s pendants are uniquely magical. I absolutely love mine!
Rachel is incredible!
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Rachel Elizabeth is an incredible artist with a beautiful gift of keen intuition. You see this in every aspect of her jewelry, from the stones she uses, the high-quality designs of her beautiful metal work. Oh, and capturing the meaning of each piece with her beautiful descriptions and meanings of the stones she uses! 5 Stars! My Piece I received is Action!!!!
I Just Love It!
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My first piece of Rachel's jewelry was this beautiful labradorite necklace. I just love it and wear it all the time. I've had so many compliments from strangers when I'm out!! My second piece is this beautiful Rose quartz bracelet its energy is amazing. I love wearing both pieces💕💕💕
Love Them All!
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When I first saw Rachels's Tree of Life Pendants I was drawn right to the Rainbow Solar quartz crystal. My mother passed 4 years ago and she always lets me know she is visiting by showing me rainbows. This beautiful stone has qualities of ultimate harmony, enhanced positive energy, and protection, The solar quartz is a master healer and stimulates the immune system. Now with that infused into the crystal, Rachel wire wraps this stone with her beautiful tree of life art. Each pendant is beautiful and unique. The tree of life represents our uniqueness and personal beauty. Just as the branches reach for the sky and strengthen, we also grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge and wisdom. Rachel demonstrates so much love and creativity with each piece. The tree is on the front of the stone and a beautiful portal on the back that lays on your heart chakra when you are wearing it. I feel the energy of the crystal, the strength of the tree along with the love and harmony that Rachel has woven in each piece. I also love how with her intuition she can create a special piece that is unique for you. I can't lie, I own 3 of her pendants each with a different crystal and unique tree of life. Solar quartz, Amazonite, and a Mookaite, and who knows what I am drawn to next. They are each so beautiful and unique to my own personal energy. I Love them all, Thank you Rachel for your beautiful creations.

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